SLIM21 Modules

Basic Modules
Serials Control
Enterprise Modules
Web based OPAC
Current Awareness Service (CAS)
Selective Dissemination Information (SDI)
Web Proposals
Inter Library Loan (ILL)
Statistical Analysis
L2L Modules (Library to library resource sharing)
Copy Cataloguing
Import Export
Z39.50 Client
Z39.50 Server


SLIM21 Cataloguing System is based on AACR2 (Anglo American Cataloguing Rules).

SLIM21 Advance Data Entry

It catalogues any type of material, print as well as non-print. It supports material in digital form and helps you build a digital library.

SLIM has virtually no limit on the length of bibliographic details. Example, a Title can be 10 characters or 500 characters; a summary can be 50 words or 500 words; An article can have one author or 10 authors.

Unlimited number of added entries (access points) per card is allowed such as title, uniform title, main entry, multiple keywords, place of conference, etc. Any subject classification system such as UDC, DD, or CC etc. is permissible.