Library Accreditation

SLIM21 is a system based on best practices in Library Management. It has helped many educational institutions achieve the highest accreditation.

Information required by various committees
( NAAC, ISO, AICTE, University Committee, Local Committee)

  • Purchase analysis over a given period
    • Number of new books added
    • Additional copies purchased
    • Expenses incurred
  • Purchase Analysis: Collection
    •   Reference section
    •   Book Bank
    •   E-books
    •   Text books
    •   Rare collection
  • Department wise purchases in a given time frame
    •        Distinct titles
    •       Copies added
    •       Copies with latest edition
    •       Expenses incurred
    •       Books on gratis
    •      Books purchased but not read

Numerous reports giving information on purchases of books (distinct titles and copies) in a given period.

  • Author- Title Report
  • Title- Author Report
  • Author -Title Report Department wise
  • Title- Author Report Department wise
  • Author- Title Report Lending Policy wise (Reference copies)
  • Title- Author Report Lending Policy wise
  • Author -Title Report Accession Number wise
  • Title- Author Report Accession Number wise
  • Author- Title Report Subject ( Class Number ) wise
  • Title- Author Report Subject ( Class Number ) wise
  • Author- Title Department wise Summary