LIBVizLog21:  Library Visitors Register and statistics

Libraries need visitors’ data to manage library infrastructure effectively.

Traditionally this is attempted by maintaining a register at the library entrance for library members to write their name and entry time, but deriving information out of this manual register is a mammoth task.

SLIM21 LibVizLog module plays a vital role in collecting library visitors’ data. It analyses the data and generates statistical reports on traffic in the library.

Following are the salient features of LibVizLog21 module: 

  • Captures visitor’s Entry and Exit details at the gate(s).
  • Highly configurable: captures visitor’s detail using
  • Smart card
  • Biometric device
  • Barcoded ID card
  • Keyboard

Reports generated:  

  • Daily / Monthly Visitors Register
  • Category wise visitors (e.g. FY Student, Staff)
  • Department wise visitors
  • Time spent in the library