How it works?

SLIM21 is designed and developed in modules to take care of complete functionality required for automating libraries. You can configure SLIM21 software for your library by selecting one or more of these standard and add-on modules. They can be installed independent of each other on different computers. SLIM21 works just as well on a stand-alone machine as it does in a network of Computers. Moreover, your library collection can be browsed / searched on Internet / intranet using  SLIM21 OPAC module.

SLIM21 on different latest technology platforms:

SLIM21 works with standard RDBMs such as MS-SQL server, Oracle, PostGreSQL as per Client-Server architecture.

SLIM21 : SQL server 200x express edition as backend RDBMs

SLIM21LX : PostGreSQL as backend residing on LINUX server machine

SLIM21EX : MS-SQL server 200x as backend RDBMs on windows server

SLIM21OX : Oracle as backend RDBMs on either windows or LINUX server

SLIM21 clients reside on windows machines